SJ Gold and Diamond, founded in 2017, is a leading Mineral & Metal Asset Management Firm with HQ in Geneva, Dubai, Istanbul, and Hong Kong.

Our clientele is diverse and spread across the globe, covering private owners to mining corporations.

As asset managers, we advise our clients on how to monetize their mineral and metal assets. Transparency is the most important company pillar.

In a space where secrecy is the norm, we're changing the game with a penchant for honesty and integrity. We invite you to join us as we manage and unveil the rarest treasures known to mankind.

SJ B2B Trading Advisory

Facilitating trade between precious gemstones and diamond-cut & polished factories and jewellers.

SJ Capital

A bullion trading platform financially regulated to seamlessly help buyers and sellers trade bullion gold.

SJ Gold and Diamond Events

Hosting events to showcase the rarest diamonds and gemstones from the across the world.

SJ Gold and Diamond Collection

The SJ Gold and Diamond collection is unique collection of hand-picked rough diamonds, rough gemstones, cut & polished diamonds and gemstones ever seen in the world. The collection is made possible thanks to the partnership that we have sealed during the years with mining companies and cut & polishing factories around the world.

SJ Global Mining

A private mining investment fund of +2B $ investing in green mining operations around the globe.

SJ Gold and Diamond Investment Fund

An investment fund that will be having a unique collections of cut & polish diamonds which investors can buy and receive a great yearly return.

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